Screen Printing

With over 35 years experience, we offer one of the highest quality screen printing service available. Screen printing is the traditional, and usually regarded as the best, method used for printing t-shirts.

All artwork that is supplied to us, has to be separated and output onto film, one screen for every colour. We can carry out simple colour separation and basic preparation of artwork for free. More complicated design work is charged at £30 per hour. Artwork separation is done using vectored design programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. Each colour is output onto film, this is used to create the screens using light reactive chemicals. The screen consists of a very fine mesh surface. Where the chemicals are exposed to light, the chemicals breakdown and are washed off leaving spaces in the mesh, and the blank areas are coated with an impermeable substance. A roller or squeegee is moved across the screen stencil, forcing or pumping ink past the threads of the woven mesh in the open areas. One colour is printed at a time, so several screens can be used to produce a multicoloured image or design.

We print using wide variety of effects, from full colour / process printing to effects such as distressed, discharge, metallic, glow in the dark and many others

Please note that minimum quantities apply for any of the methods below. Please take a look and get in touch for more information.

Solvent Based Inks

Solvent based inks are the most common screen printing ink. With a solvent based print you can achieve strong vibrant colours with clean precise detail. This type of ink sits on the surface of the garment and so can be felt when you run your hand over the t-shirt.

Discharge Inks

Discharge Inks gives an integrated print, making the print a part of the garment with a soft natural texture. This works similar to bleach, by removing the existing dye of the garment and replacing it with a pigment of your choice.

Full Colour

Using our full colour printing process we can create outstanding, colourful prints with photorealistic graphics regardless of viewing distance. This technique is great for adding photographs and intricate designs to your garments.


We can produce stunning high resolution halftones with photorealistic images. This creates a shaded effect that is popular within the retail industry.

Distressed Effect

Create a worn, cracked, look by using a distressed technique which has been made popular by the retail industry. Distressed screen printing will give a cool vintage effect to garments.

Sponge Puff

By adding a sponge puff additive to an ink we can create a raised, three dimensional effect. A great option if you want your logo or design to really stand out.

High Density

Using high density printing we can create a three dimensional print effect on garments. It works through special ink formulations and thick stencils which allows a heavy ink deposit with deep ridges.

Spot Colour

Spot colour is the traditional screen printing method which can create crisp, clear, printed garments.

Glitter Effect

We can use special inks with crystalina glitter flakes to create a striking shimmer look on a print. The crystalina effect can be used on the full image or selected parts.

Sound like what you’re looking for? What do you do next?

  • Send us over your artwork and any visuals you have for positioning. Artwork should be supplied; either as a vectorised Illustrator file (ai, eps or pdf), or as a high resolution layered Photoshop file (minimum of 300 dpi at the print size) with each colour on a separate layer. Please specify print sizes and outline or supply all fonts.
  • Let us know the type of print you were thinking of using and we will advise, as to the suitability.
  • Our normal turnaround time is 10-15 working days, but if you need these quicker drop us an email and we will see what we can do for you.