Screen Printing

Screen printing is the traditional, and usually regarded as the best, method used for printing t-shirts and sweatshirts. Screen printing is the ideal process for big print runs (over 24), and larger designs.

Plastisol Printing
Platisol printing is by far the most common method of printing we use. Platisol ink will work on almost any standard fabric used in garment production, and is very opaque meaning your prints achieve a brightness and vibrancy better than any other type of ink. Plastisols are also very versatile, and can be used to create various special effects, with interesting textures and finishes.

Discharge Printing
Discharge printing uses a bleaching gent, which removes the colour from the garment exactly where the ink sits, meaning that the pigment settles onto a neutral base. Discharge inks give an almost ‘invisible to the touch’ effect, as the ink does’t sit on the fabric but instead soaks into it. Discharge ink reacts to the invidual garment, and is therefore difficult to colour match to Pantone references.

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