Embroidery is the process of stitching a design onto a garment using a computerised embroidery machine. The process gives a professional hard-wearing result and is suitable for most logos and text.

Embroidery costs are made up of two parts; firstly the “embroidery origination” which is a one-off charge to create the embroidery file, and secondly the “embroidery charge” which is based on the number of stitches in your design.

When considering embroidery against screen printing, here are a few things to consider;

Embroidery gives a quality appearance, is durable, and as embroidery costs are based on the number of stitches not colour, is usually more cost effective for small multicolour logos. The cons to embroidery would be; large logos (with therefore large number of stitches) are usually more expensive, embroidery can’t reproduce graduated colours well, and very small text would not be legible.