Learn more about Fair Share...

Fair Share is all about rewarding those that are less fortunate. India is a poverty stricken country with very low wages. Continental recognized this and started an all new initiative in 2016 to create a range of clothing that directly helps those working at the factory and rewards them with a living wage. Workers have spoken out praising Continental, it had become clear that Fair Share was paying for workers' children's education, medicine that was needed and many other essentials that we take for granted. Continental have stated that "adding as little as 10p to the price of a T-shirt, or 54p to the price of a hoody, will result in a 50% increase in the wages of the poorest workers at the factory in India."

How can we help?

At Bar One Clothing we are proud to say that we are offering the Fair Share range. By purchasing any quantity of these garments you are helping out those directly in need, with the small price premium going to towards their living wage.

As well as these garments benefitting less privileged factory workers, the Fair Share T-shirts and Hoodies are also PETA-Approved Vegan and are all made from 100% organic Fairtrade cotton making them sustainable. Want to learn more about sustainability? Head over here more info.