Regatta caters for the whole family. Our range covers everything from high performance outdoor wear to everyday clothing with added protection. In addition to Regatta Professional labelled clothing there are six further brands under the Regatta umbrella.

Regatta Standout range provides great colour options and co-ordination for vibrant promotions and events.

Regatta X-Pro boasts high performance outdoor clothing which offers maximum protection and high-spec technology.

The Regatta Classic range is made up of core styles in high performance outdoor clothing from waterproof jackets, 3-in-1 jackets and fleece, to soft shells, trousers and base layers.

Encapsulating the unique Mancunian spirit, Regatta Originals offers effortlessly cool, heritage-inspired jackets. Timeless clothing blended with modern edges.

Regatta Activewear offers high performance styles to ensure your team are prepared for the challenge. Discover the range below.